RAA Capital invests with established and emerging money managers in traditional and non-traditional private equity and hedge fund strategies.

Unlike typical family offices, our private sources of capital allow us the autonomy to approach deals in a flexible and nimble manner devoid of the constraints associated with traditional fund structures. This often means avoiding such inefficiencies as drawn out investment committee approval and ensures we have the freedom to close even atypical transactions efficiently.

We are opportunistic investors driven by the best possible risk-adjusted investment returns, rather than rigid asset allocation buckets. Our investments are as diverse as oil and gas pipelines, catastrophe reinsurance, internet/mobile related ventures, infrastructure and late stage private equity as well as traditional asset classes such as real estate, equities, and fixed income. We seek investment opportunities with asymmetric return profiles often associated with inefficient markets.

Our Hedge Funds investments include CTA’s, Macro, Distressed Assets, Stat Arbitrage, Event Driven, Activist, MLP’s and Long/Short.

RAA Capital seeks to partner with established and emerging managers in traditional and non-traditional hedge fund or private equity strategies. If you have a great investment opportunity we would love to hear about it.

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